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Our "niche" is SAP Localizations for LATAM


SAP Solid experience, customers satisfied in several LATAM countries.

Our Services


We are experienced and qualified SAP Consultants, that have implemented Localizations in the Region.

Shine Desk Solutions Team have already implemented SAP localizations in Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

SAP Localizations

Implementation of latest legal and taxation requirements on LATAM Countries, always emerging with urgency of time completion.

The benefit for the customer is avoid fines of suspension of deduction of fiscal documents as invoices, payments, etc.

SAP AMS Support

Support to the SAP Customer thru our Help Desk Ticketing System.

This support is offered for SAP SD and SAP FICO modules. We support day to day production issue resolutions related to e-Invoices, e-Payments, e-accounting.

Setting up Automated Call Center Solutions

Automated Call Center solutions; where Agents can take calls at any country of LATAM, DID of the Local country, PBX on cloud with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and VOIP (SIP) trunks.

SAP enhancements

Projects of implementation of new functionality for e-Invoice, e-payments, vendor interface, 3 PL-interface, PAC Migration, PAC communication Upgrade, new gobermental taxation requests.

About Our Company

Our company is an easy to work with:

SAP enhancements

Following simple steps; First seek to understand the problem (origin, root-cause, actors, etc), next we present a proposal/plan for resolution that includes a detailed Functional Specification, then we loop between Plan, Proposal, FS; until we agreed with the customer to kick-off the project. The rest is punctually complying with the plan day by day, with weekly status meetings on which we adjust deviations and review deliverables. We produce always results 100% equal to user expectations. At the end we execute a postmortem analysis session to help the customer for future projects.

Managed Services

Customer create tickets per incident in our Help Desk automated system, thru this system a series of iterations occur between our SAP Consultant and the customer(s), documenting every step of the resolution, SAP Consultants upload all the technical documentation, Q & A, test supports and screen shots needed to close the ticket. SAP Consultants inform the time invested in every iteration the information is visible to the customer, until finally the ticket is closed. 

Every month the “Report of Used Support Hours” is issued, this reports depicts previous month hours balance, Support hours consumed by SAP Module and ticket, and the new support hours balance. 

Client Testimonials

"These consultants reduced the time to implement localization changes compared vs if done by UPL Global (CFDI 3.3 & 4.0), improved PAC communication from ftp to web-services, reduction of time in process communicating with customers & vendors by setting up enhancements on the SAP Monitor screen to issue single and massive transactions to Customers & Vendors Portals."
Diana Oyervides.- IT Manager UPL Mexico, Saltillo Coah.
"The enhancement of SAP SD/FICO to access daily the exchange rate from BANXICO, provided us the saving of 1 year of manual update of export invoices, along with eliminating errors in capturing manually the exchange rate.”
A. Reyna.- IT SD Coordinator
UPL Mexico. Saltillo Coah.
"After 1 year of trials and errors and lack of results of the previous SAP consultant, the E-INVOICES AND E-CREDIT NOTES for UPL Costa Rica. finally were produced. Documentation was non-existent the Consultants developed new technical documentation, and establish a process to keep communication flowing with the Costa Rica PAC"
Antar Yañez.- Sales & Disribution Coordinator UPL Costa Rica
"The same case, after 1 year of trials and errors and lack of results of the previous SAP consultant, the E-INVOICES For UPL Guatemala. finally were , produced, documentation was non-existent the Consultants developed new technical documentation, and stablish a process to keep communication flowing with the Guatamala PAC"
Antar Yañez.- Sales & Distribution Coordinator UPL Guatemala
“Implementation on time of CFDI 4.0 has allow us to comply with the legal & taxation obligatory changes. The solutions have a guaranty of 90 days to correct any issue that could appear.”
Ramon Vazquez.- Finance Controller
Cardonex/Tridome, S. de. R. L. Mexico
"Addendas required by our customers as AUTOZONE were implemented, PAC communications. e-Invoices were sent from SAP to improve speed of delivery. All Deliverables were on time and within Budget".
Yesenia perez.- Sr. Accountant
Cardone/Tridomex S. de R. l. Mexico