Our Story

Our company is an easy to work with,  simple steps as we first seek to understand the problem (origin, root-cause, actors, etc) then we present a proposal/plan for resolution that includes a detailed Functional Specification, then we loop between Plan, Proposal, FS; until we agreed with the customer to kick-off the project. 

The rest is punctually complying with the plan day by day, with weekly status meetings on which we adjust deviations and review deliverables. We produce always results 100% equal to user expectations. At the end we execute a postmortem analysis.

In Managed services customer create tickets in our Help Desk automated system, thru this system a series of iterations occur between our SAP Consultants and the customer(s), all of them related to the incident, SAP Consultants document every step of the resolution, also upload all technical documentation, Q & A, test supports, and screen shots needed to close the ticket.

SAP Consultants inform the time invested in every iteration to keep track and control of the support time, this way the associated costs are always transparent to the user.

Our Mission

Provide high quality SAP Localization and Managed services, that comply with the customer requirements on time and under budget.

Establish a long term relationship with our customers and maintain SAP up and running with legal and tax requirements on time, avoiding  customer’s fines and penalizations.


Why Choose Us

Benefit 1

We comply with our projects on time and under budget

Benefit 2

We have SAP consultants distributed in all LATAM

Benefit 3

We work under strict PMO Planning standards

Benefit 4

Three months of guaranty on Code and SAP Parametrization


We are SAP LATAM Localization specialists